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We are always looking for new friends to work with us!

Our way of doing things

We want everyone to learn, and in the process improve themselves and their teams. Our experts work together as teams from our own offices or remotely. We deliver projects, we do not sell resources. We work with new paradigms and technologies; on the front end, with Azure, designing and building data and IoT platforms, with comprehensive DevOps practices. At the end of the day, we are responsible for what we design and build, and we need to be proud of what we create.

We improve our company together and spend time as a community. At Zure, everyone can be themselves and state their opinions. Nobody is sacrosanct; when the CEO says something stupid, challenge that statement. Learn more about us by reading the About page and the (long) 3-blog series Zure 2020 – the first decade.

See our open positions below, and if there’s no fit – that’s alright, we might be looking for you anyway!

What to expect when applying

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1. First Contact

Our recruitment process usually starts with a call from us.

The aim of the call is to find you a path. What’s Zure about? Are we a match?

In case we both swipe right, we’ll book you a meeting with the most relevant interviewers

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2. Team Talks

This is where you get to meet your potential future peers.

The aim of Team Talks is to be real and get the truthful version of both your skills and our ways of working.

What would your daily work look like? How does Zure actually work?

And most importantly: do we still have a match?

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3. Task

Talk the talk, walk the walk – right ?

This is the point where you actually get to show what you got. Be it development or design, we have a task for you.

The main point of these tasks is to evaluate your skills, but also simulate our actual work.

Ready to Roar at Challenge? ;)

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4. Culture Talks

Welcome to the Boss Level.

At Culture Talks you get to meet our CEO Sakke and one of our Expert Leads.

We want to evaluate our cultural match thoroughly. How strong is the fit with your ways of working and our culture? Do we have similar values?

Are we in the same ballpark with our salary model?

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5. Job Offer

The answer is YES, we want you!

We have now collected opinions from everyone in your recruitment process. Everyone was vouching for you and wants to be your future colleague. Go you!

Next: The job offer will land in your inbox shortly.

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6. Onboarding

Woo-hoo, the paperwork is done!

Now you can just sit back and relax. We’ll send an information package closer to your start date.

Welcome home, our future friend <3

Didn't find the correct open position? Don't worry, send us an open application

We hire for life. We recruit people who are a fit with us – people who want to learn, to grow, to challenge themselves. We do not have a yearly quota we are trying to fill, instead we look for like-minded people who can make us better.

Drop us an application if you feel like we’d be a fit for what you are looking for, and we’re more than happy to talk with you.


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