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Zure was founded with a love and need for the challenge. We constantly look for new problems to solve, with new thinking and new technology. The harder the problem, the more we like it. We concept, build and maintain solutions with Microsoft Azure.

Could you be our next Azure Developer or Architect to join our group of like-minded colleagues?

Come build and learn with us!

We are constantly looking for passionate and quality-seeking technical people, who are eager to learn new things and use modern technologies. You can specialize either in front-end, back-end, full-stack, or even integrations. Our customers and projects are vast, so we’re quite confident we’ll have a project for you, whichever specialization preferences you have. We are in no hurry to find someone new – it’s all about the match and a good culture fit!

Here’s a snapshot of some the technologies we use on a daily basis:

  • Microsoft Azure and PaaS
  • .NET Core and C#
  • React and React Native
  • Azure DevOps and/or GitHub

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with some of them, depending on your interest, you can learn!

Why should you apply?

In Zure, you get to work with the latest Azure technologies in challenging projects. Our customers are forward-looking and always seeking new technology, so you don’t have to worry about having to work with ‘old toys’.
As a developer, if you need help in your project, our Guilds and developer community will definitely be ready to guide you. Also, if you’re interested in an Architect role, you don’t have to worry about running only Microsoft Office tools! You get to code along with the rest of the team. Not only to design solutions, but also help to build, shape, and optimize them.

The founders of the company are coders themselves, which means that the company has been built to serve our developer community.

Zure does not sell teams to operate at the Customer’s premises. The work is done either from our office in Sint-Martens-Latem (Latem Business Park) or from a remote workstation (home or elsewhere). We trust our employees and teams, so there are no middle managers making decisions for you. We value good work and life balance, so all our experts have e.g. sliding working hours, freedom deciding on holidays, and choosing the tools (software and hardware) for yourself.

At Zure, our technical community is important

Community is our rock, we value greatly our time spent together. We get together at least monthly to discuss improvements to the company and how we’re all doing; this creates a space for everyone to get to know their colleagues and feel psychologically safe to be themselves and express opinions. At Zure, nobody is sacrosanct; when the CEO says something stupid, you are free to challenge that statement.

We give time and support for everyone to learn, and in the process improve themselves and their teammates. Our experts work together as teams from our own offices or remotely – working with new paradigms and technologies; on the frontend, with Azure, designing and building data and IoT platforms, with comprehensive DevOps practices. At the end of the day, we are responsible for what we design and build, and we need to be proud of what we create.

Zure as a company is fully owned by our employees. As we don’t have external funding, we have given ourselves the means to focus better on improving what’s important to us. We don’t believe in quick wins in business, our aim is further on the horizon and we want to ensure Zure is a great place to work even in 10 years. Read more about us.

Apply now

Even when in doubt, hit us up with a chat below. We’re looking for awesome people, and awesome people come with vast differences in experience and backgrounds! Who knows… you might be our next colleague!?

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Your future colleagues

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Maxim Braekman
Azure Architect

Maxim has 10 years of experience working with several Microsoft technologies. During this time, his focus has shifted from developing on-premises integration services towards designing and building full Azure PaaS-solutions, ensuring a fully automated build and release procedure.

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