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Humans grow on adversity. Success feels good but doesn’t guarantee growth of character or skillset. Repeating a successful pattern works for a while but cannot be an infinite strategy.

Zure was founded so we could get challenged. We look for new problems we can solve with new thinking and new technology. We design and create solutions to the issues of today and tomorrow.

At Zure, we will not turn down difficult projects. Our core is to look for problems we’ve never seen.

A letter from our CEO

Have you noticed that sometimes it is hard to pin down a feeling? How weird it is, that when everything is in order – we have food, shelter, a loving inner circle of people – we might still feel like something is missing?

The most ordered and ‘successful’ life can get boring. As a species, we adapt to anything. At first, a new thing can feel difficult. Then we start doing and learning it, and at some point, we get the first success. We feel pride and accomplishment, and it is wondrous. In time, with miniscule steps, the ‘new thing’ will start feeling like a regular thing. Nothing new, nothing to be proud of.

It is the dilemma of the ages. Our whole life, we strive to have no problems. If we’d reach that, we’d soon notice that no problems translate to not solving or trying anything. We’d just exist; no friction, no growth, no meaning.

We grow on adversity. The key is to get challenged in a suitable manner regularly. Not too often, and not too seriously, but with something we can sink our teeth into. Something we can learn from. A challenge we can solve as a team, growing not just as an expert but also as a human being.

Zure was founded so we could get challenged.

As individuals, we are often not able to solve world-class problems by ourselves. We need like-minded friends to solve the problems with. At the same time, we have this other thing called ‘life’. It is populated with our families and loved ones, people we desire to spend time with. Zure as an organization receives challenges bigger than any of us could by ourselves, and at the same time it safeguards our individual lifestyles, in case a challenge starts to become too consuming.

Challenges may lead to growth and success, but they also equate to failure – trying a new thing rarely succeeds the first time. We try to think of failure as something inherent in all doing. For us to succeed, we need to fail first. Therefore, failure is not to be avoided, it is to be learned from. It exists to teach us.

Even though we learn, we will never be perfect. There is no such thing as perfection. You might think this is sad, but it is a relief. It is a relief because it means no decision can be perfect. It means
no decision needs to be agonized over – we make a call according to what we think is best, and after learning as a group, we re-make the call. Continuous improvement at its best.

Bringing this thinking to conclusion, it also means Zure will unfortunately never be fully content on where it is and what it is doing. Once we become successful enough at some ‘business transaction’ to be a ‘real company’, we need to expand our horizons. Repeating a successful pattern of behaviour works for a while but cannot be an infinite strategy.

To the future!

In Helsinki, Finland, on the 15th ofJanuary, 2021

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As a team, we look for challenges. What unites us is the common understanding that overcoming difficulties feels meaningful. Without adversity, there’s no feeling of success.

Trying something out for the first time usually leads to failure. At Zure, we embrace failure, because that is the road to learning and eventual success. In this way we become stronger. We also grow in our capability to say no. At Zure, focus is everything, and we’re keen to keep our eyes on the ball, and only accept the kind of projects that provide us with the way forward.

Every expert is responsible for personal growth and learning. At the same time, life can throw curve-balls. When this happens, it is the responsibility of the community to lend an ear and a shoulder to lean on. Zure takes this responsibility seriously.

If you are interested in getting to know us better, maybe even too well, you can read about our first decade from this 3-part blog series: Zure 2020 – the first decade

Our values


Face challenges without fear


Failure is learning


Work is better together

By 2040, Zure wants to be the highest quality digital problem-solver globally

Our goal can be broken in two:


The highest quality problem-solver: the highest quality comes from the culture, from the people. Quality comes from what we focus on, find meaningful and want to be proud of. The quality of our work and delivery needs to be built from the ground up, it needs to be a part of our DNA. If, and when, we slip on this during our journey, we need to be aware, and prioritize the quality of our work above anything else.‍


Globally: when compared with “the highest quality”, this is easier. We simply need to be successful enough to be expand to other countries. We believe a global presence will give us more interesting projects.


This goal can be reached by focusing on the daily work. There are no shortcuts to delivering the ‘highest quality’ or to being ‘successful’ – it is simply about trying our best daily.

Our people make the company

We are only as good as the people we work with. Our core is the talented individuals who work here. We strive to be better daily and together do the best work we can.

We advise, build and support on Microsoft Azure

At Zure, focus is key. We do not dilute our knowledge by trying to serve everybody everything under the sky. Instead, we focus our learning and know-how, growing stronger daily and keeping our delivery high quality. We believe our customers benefit from this approach.

We take pride in engaging with projects that contribute to minimizing the environmental footprint of our customers. In addition, we proactively seek ways to reduce the direct environmental footprint resulting from our daily operations, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility.

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