Not all cloud migration strategies are equal or directly comparable with each other. Depending on the approach, a different organizational and personal skillset is needed. Our Adopt Azure offering suite provides a comprehensive path from cloud assessment to tailored cloud strategy followed by Azure Governance and Azure Migration path with relevant trainings and on-time expertise assistance. 

All components are linkable but separate, so depending on your maturity level and position we can help you depending on the current needs and position. 

Bellow you can find links to our Adopt Azure services

Cloud assesment

Cloud Assessments come in different shapes and sizes. The Cloud Assessment can be started with just for one application or for the whole organization app portfolio.

Cloud Strategy

Going to cloud can “just happen”. A single developer can accidentally use the “publish to cloud” function of Visual Studio. Or you order a third-party application and after the installation you find out that it has been installed using several Virtual Machines (VM) on Azure. 

Azure Migration

With the Zure Migration we can create the best migration path for your selected services and applications and ensure a smooth transition from on premise to cloud.

Azure Governance

Azure Governance is the foundation of all Azure operations. Zure’s approach towards working Azure Governance is to educate your Azure team during workshops and engagement.

Azure Expertise

Not all needs suit for the pre-defined services or fixed price offerings. Zure Azure Experts can help you with whatever need you have related to Azure.

Azure Learning

Whether your company is just taking its first steps on the cloud journey or has been around with the Azure cloud for several years, Zure will assist and guide you successfully forward.