Going to cloud can “just happen”.

A single developer can accidentally use the “publish to cloud” function of Visual Studio. Or you order a third-party application and after the installation you find out that it has been installed using several Virtual Machines (VM) on Azure. Or your application development team does not know how to proceed with the cloud adoption: what to emphasize.

What we do

We understand that there are different ways a organization can end up utilizing Azure and cloud services. With our own Zure Cloud Strategy, what can help you to crystallize the vision and form a path and guidelines to cloud adoption. It doesn’t matter what your current situation is or how diverse your situation is, don’t hesitate to

Key Benefits


Refined and clear cloud vision


Roadmap for cloud adoption


Organization excellence

How we do it

We look at your as-is state and depending on the situation and through cloud strategy workshops we ensure that you know exactly where you are and where you should go. We utilize tools, recommended practices and questionnaires found on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) web site as one cornerstone of our approach.