What we do

We always start with building understanding and ensure we know where you are with your Azure governance. Based on the as-is analysis we usually either help you to setup an initial Azure goverance based on Azure best practices and Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). Or we audit your existing Azure Governance and update it as needed based on your current Azure strategy and roadmap.

Even from the very start onwards it is important to consider the fundamental aspects of Azure: User Roles and Access control, Security, Monitoring, Cost management and Optimizations as well as Application development and lifecycle principals.

As Azure is an evergreen platform, continuously evolving, the governance documentation as well as the implementation should be reviewed and updated regularly.  

As an example a Service Provider needs to provision new resources to Azure and ask for a new Subscription and subscription level owner rights. You have not indicated that a new Azure Subscription should only be created for certain kind of application and services, and therefore your other Service Provider creates the subscription and grants access to that subscription. No harm done, business as usual? Not quite, depending on the Management Groups and Azure Policy implementation, the new subscription might not have correct cost management and budget tracking and it might not be added to a “break-glass” account for firefighting purposes. 

Your solutions evolve and so does your governance supporting it.

Key Benefits


Get your team up-to speed and on same level with Azure Governance topics


Guidelines how to use Azure in cost-effective and secure way


Map the target state of your Azure implementation

How we do it

We start with analysis and follow up with implementation. In the context of governance, implementation is also referred as an Azure Landing zone.

Landing zone contains all the agreed baselines for successful Azure operations but is also an ongoing task. The simplest way to implement Azure governance is to start small and expand. The Landing Zone work is usually done by time & material project with agreed outcome.