What we do

If you need consultation or a second opinion on different Azure services, Application architecture, Application development, Mobile solutions, IoT, DevOps, Security, Identity, Integration, Strategy, Digital experiences, our consultants and architects are in your service.

Depending on your need we build a team that can be of your assistance. Our consultants and architects have broad hands-on knowledge of the above matters. Like said, not in one person though, no one can be an expert in all fields but we provide you with the team you need.

Key Benefits


We have experts with broad knowledge in Azure, other technologies and processes


Get guidance, assessments, training and sparring on your various Azure topics.

How we do it

We start by ensuring that we understand your needs. This is usually done together with your key stakeholders and 1-2 experts from our side. Depending on the need we form a proposal and dedicate a team to help you reach your goals and agree on an approach, a timeline, and goals you want to reach. Read more about our Azure services.