What we do

Microsoft provides excellent questionnaire(s) in its Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), and those are also what Zure uses as a starting point. The maximum outcome from this questionnaire requires putting the results in a context, some of the questions and results might need explaining and framing the reference.

Key Benefits


Current state analysis


Target state roadmap


Strategy alignment

How we do it

Zure can facilitate a workshop where the CAF questionnaires will be reviewed and inputted, and the outcome will be explained to your IT experts. This outcome gives you the state of your organization “cloud readiness” and maps out a path for your cloud transition.

Additionally, technical scans for your existing on-premises or private cloud installations can be made. This gives you a more thorough image of what is currently running on your capacity, what are the possible migration paths and/or what are the hindrances for the migration. This includes preliminary cost estimates and TCO calculations.