“DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.”

― Donovan Brown, Microsoft

Zure is a Microsoft Gold Partner in DevOps and Application Development. From an application modernization and migration perspective, we are a certified Microsoft program partner in Advanced Specialization Web Application Modernization in Azure.

Our experts are Microsoft Certified Professionals in Azure Infrastructure, Development, Security and DevOps. In 2021 we have now gained a decade of project experience delivering comprehensive cloud services using Azure DevOps products, tooling and practices. 

We breath DevOps 

Zure knows how to use cloud technologies to achieve agility in development. We are the pioneer in delivering solutions based on Azure PaaS products. We implement lean and adaptive development practices so that you can build and deliver your ideas fast to market.  

“Zure has been in Azure, proudly since 2011.”  

― Sami Lavikko, CTO 

Core of our approach is to use automation to bring your infrastructure up to speed and cut costs. First thing we do in any of our projects is to implement continuous delivery pipeline for our application development deliverables. 

How Zure does DevOps 

Zure has conducted DevOps consulting services for multiple customers and gained years of knowledge of different DevOps cultures, practices and environments.  

“It is not enough for a professional to be right: An advisor’s job is to be helpful.”  

― Okko Oulasvirta, Trusted Advisor, DevOps domain lead 

We love to share this real-world experience with our existing and new customers with following DevOps advisory services:  

DevOps Assesment

Zure is leading advisor in Finland on Azure DevOps roll-outs. We can help you to migrate or start from the scratch with Azure DevOps.

DevOps for Management

Benefits of DevOps are usually quite easy to achieve with simple projects and environments but when it comes to aligning work and deliverables of multiple projects and development teams it might get complex and hard.

DevOps Implementation

A DevOps implementation can take many forms.


DevOps as a service is not just a project. It is a continuous offering where our experts, together with your business continuously evaluate and imporve your DevOps capabilities.