What we do

We look for the best approach for a DevOps implementation and based on the as-is situation and solutions we select one of 3 approaches

  • DevOps roll-out
  • DevOps migration
  • DevOps implementation

How we do it

Our DevOps implementation services are divided into 3 different approaches:

DevOps roll-out

The DevOps roll-out is ideal for companies who want to start fresh with Azure Devops. During the roll-out we do a technical setup for Azure DevOps and Github using best practices for your business and culture. 

DevOps migration

The DevOps migration is the best approach for companies who want to move from an existing DevOps implementation, like Atlassian, Gitlab, TFS etc.  to Azure DevOps and GitHub .

We help you plan and execute a successfull migration.

DevOps implementation

Our DevOps implementation approach is the right call when you want to stremline and automate your development.

During the implementation we e.g. build your CI/CD, Azure and mobile release pipelines, test automation capabilities and help you with API management automation .