What we do

DevOps as-a-service is our way of ensuring that our customers are well informed on Azure, Security and DevOps in the context that is in customer’s interest.

We build trusted advisor relationships with your key persons, keep your DevOps roadmap up to date and ensure that your DevOps related backlog stays clear and actionable.

We also educate on Azure and DevOps trends, services and tooling.

The goal of our communication is to bring continuous value, safety and cost savings to our customer with professionalism and lean DevOps practices.

How we do it

In the core of everything is mutual feedback and co-operation.

The process evolves around regular, monthly DevOps meetings, what usually take about 1½-2 hours. During these meetings we ensure that you have chance to give us feedback on our services. You can give us updates onyour latest DevOps needs and possible worries related to ongoing projects and services.

Each meetings ends with clear actions and goals to imporve.