Our CIS highlights:

  • An agreed upon response time for service delivery
  • Service & Innovation workshops to develop your services further
  • Maintenance and hotfix work at a discounted price
  • Support for your Azure Center of Excellence developers
  • Solution response time and environment cost-efficiency monitoring
  • An online system for reporting ticket and administration

You can also read more about our individual services by following the links bellow.

Azure Capacity

Everything you need – We got it. Azure wise that is. We also dabble a wee bit with DevOps, AAD licenses.

Application Support

Every application we produce, we can also support.

App Portfolio Support

We support and maintain Azure applications created by us, or otherwise approved by us.

Managed Azure

‘Managed Azure’ is a complete management service for your company’s Azure-environment.


DevOps as a service is not just a project. It is a continuous offering where our experts, together with your business continuously evaluate and imporve your DevOps capabilities.