API Management

API Management

API Management can be seen as a product or as a process. API Management process contains application development principles, data architecture, integrations, API publishing and API access. Azure API Management service is the best option in the Microsoft ecosystem for API publishing and management. With Azure API Management  it is extremely easy to achieve controlled API publishing along built-in policies and access management to manage APIs and provide API descriptions to third parties.

Azure API Management as a product does not make API Platform processes redundant, quite the opposite. Organizations must define data architecture, usage and user aspects: What data will be provided to whom. Use cases can be for example one or combination of:

  1. Internal systems, Intra-application APIs
  2. Third party data, Extra-application APIs
  3. Case Hackathon, Developer functionalities

Currently organizations are in a different state regarding the API transition. Some are well into the API realm whereas others are only starting the journey. Azure API Management in a short term does not make existing Enterprice Service Bus (ESB) implementations obsolete, rather that provide alternate way to provide APIs in a more controlled and cloud-native way. Most of the times transition happens along with application renewals application by application.

Regardless of organization transition stage, Zure is here to help. Zure has proven track record of countless Azure API Management design, implementation, governance and training.