Kompozure 2015: Goals

Sakari Nahi | 22.05.2015
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Also read posts 2014 goals and last week’s 2014 analysis and figures.


Our mission is to
solve complex problems
with innovative technologies
in a transparent way.

As well as offer the perfect working place for development-minded people.

Basically our goals are the same as always. We try to continuously improve our good vibes and healthy growth. And now in 2015 we are also test driving USA market with our product 🙂


A big part of the good vibe is born from splendid work mates, interesting projects and company’s financial health. However these are not enough. We are striving to build an environment or ‘culture’, where everything is pushed forward together.

Everyone needs to have a feeling that what they are doing is meaningful to the company and to the management. Everyone needs to have the control and the power to change things and make decisions.

It is also a mistake to think that a ‘culture’ is somehow at some point ‘complete’. Thus we keep on talking and continuously improving our vibes every month during the company retro. We’ve done that for the last 3 years, and we won’t quit.

2015 we’ll give everyone a raise, and organize over 2 parties.

Our goal is also to grow our team by 3 developers.


We don’t have the nerve to put up the same turnover goal as last year, so we’ll raise the goal sum to 850 000 €. This time we aren’t even aiming for the moon, but that would still be appr. 35% of growth.

We are still investing on both project- and product businesses, and aren’t thus expecting any big profits. Our goal however is to make more profit than during 2014 – so that would be anything over 12 000 € after taxes.


Almost 4 years ago we decided to focus on the Azure cloud platform, and we still believe it is the future winner. During this time Azure and the public cloud have improved by leaps and bounds, and there’s no end in sight – Microsoft has actually raised Azure into the middle of their strategy, and they are spending more and more resources on it every year. Just during the last one they added over 500 new features (that is over 1,3 features per day), and they’ve sank over 15 billion USD in the datacenters.

We have no regrets that we only do Azure. It is the opposite of that. We are quite excited.

Thus our goal is that we’ll keep on focusing on Azure and improving ourselves and our expertise.

We want to prioritize and upkeep our existing customerships. Our growth is organic and wholly because of our existing customers. Our goal thus is that we never lose a customer except for a single reason: there’s no need for our services any more.

Our goal is to have a strong part in the concepting and thinking of all of our projects. We want to continue with strong statements into the correctness and wisdom of building new solutions. However with this goal we will not proceed that far that we’d set up interview panels, but instead we’ll leave those to other partners. To level up our thinking of these and the visual side of things we invited a very talented visual artist Mr. Joona Puurunen to take a more active role in our organization.


We’ll develop our product business by doing a test drive of USA market with Leanvisio.

We’re launching a targeted marketing campaign in New York after summer.

After the marketing campaign we’ll be familiar with the possible bottle necks of pushing our product to the international markets. And that is the only goal for this year – if we get to the USA market at the beginning of 2016, we believe that we’ll be pretty happy 🙂


2015 goals are quite different from 2014’s:

  • 2014 we weren’t looking for a team growth, now we’re actively hiring
  • In product business in 2014 we focused on building the product, now in 2015 we focus on deploying it to customers and gathering information
  • 2014 we didn’t much care about our financial health, because our focus was on launching the product – now in 2015 we’ll follow our financial meters more as well

Thank you again for reading!

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