Sakari Nahi

Coding Executive Officer

Sakari is responsible for the quality and vision of zure. He is a Microsoft Azure MVP. He has over 15 years of experience in designing and implementing demanding software development projects.

+358 50 368 7782

Sami Lavikko

Coding Technology Officer

Sami has spent over 15 years in the IT business in various positions. He has experience with large on-line systems, infrastructure, programming, design and management.

+358 50 394 6588

Markus Manninen

Business Development Director

Markus has a diverse experience from the IT-industry ranging from product and project to service business. Markus is in charge of business development at zure. He's happy to receive your RFIs and RFPs.

+358 50 449 7719

Jarno Tikka

Azure Developer / Architect

Jarno has fifteen years of experience from demanding software projects. He is an experienced architect and developer that's specialized in Microsoft Azure-projects.

+358 50 432 9540

Juval Nadav

Azure Developer / Quality Officer

Juval has 10 years of IT experience. He sees the IT development field from multiple points of view, since he has worked as a tester, developer, specialist, and a consultant. Before joining our group Juval developed BI-solutions on Microsoft stack for the largest companies in Finland.

+358 40 778 2021

Mika Varjonen

Azure Developer / Architect

Mika has been a developer and an architect on Microsoft technologies since 2001. He is an expert in creating demanding and scalable distributed systems. Mika is passionate about new technologies, and he can most often be found listening to the latest technology podcasts. He's also built Windows 10 Universal Apps.

+358 40 760 2690

Joona Puurunen

Creative Director

Joona is a passionate professional in graphic design. He has created user experiences for a variety of devices and purposes - from web products to consumer advertising and art events.

+358 40 731 3876

Pasi Taive

Azure Developer / Architect

Pasi has almost 20 years of experience in both small and very large IT systems. He's worked with projects and products as a developer, architect and technical project manager. Resolving business challenges efficiently with modern systems is close to Pasi's heart.

+358 40 748 9114

Rami Keski-Honkola

Azure Developer / Architect

Rami is intereseted in finding solutions that enable designing and developing projects to reflect the projects quality and usability requirements. He has wide experience in developing for the desktop, browser and the cloud on Microsoft technologies. Rami has over 10 years of experience in systems design and development.

+358 40 571 2310

Ilpo Toni

Azure Developer / Architect

During his 10+ years in IT, Ilpo has attained a wide array of Experience, including productization of market data, information mangement, solution sales, agile development, legacy systems and DB administration. His favourite task is pragmatic problem solving with modern software development tools and methods.

+358 50 523 3736

Olli Alopaeus

Azure Developer / Architect

Olli has worked in IT on a wide scale of technologies and different systems since 2005. He holds high quality applications that bring added value to users, application lifecycle management and solving technical problems close to his heart.

+358 40 703 0356

Ville Toni

Azure Developer / Architect

Ville has 10+ years of development experience with large online stores among other areas. His special expertise includes UI-development, web usability and performance.

+358 400 776 090

Janne Välimaa

Azure Developer

Janne has over five years of broad experience with several technologies. He is a passionate developer and has a strong focus on expanding his skills. He is especially keen on robotics and IoT.

+358 40 413 5350

Karl Ots

Managing Consultant

Karl has 10 years of broad tech experience, ranging from Research and Development to sales. He is responsible for the Zure consulting business.

+358 50 480 1102

Sami Ovaska

Azure Developer / Architect

Sami has worked in product and software development projects for large and small companies using Microsoft technologies for over 20 years. He has experience in different roles ranging from developer to director, his passion is both in backend and frontend development and naturally Azure. He is currently focused on new Azure services and React.

+358 40 828 6722

Pontus Weckström

Azure Developer

Pontus has over 15 years of experience in IT, he's worked both as a developer and systems designer with small and large IT systems. Pontus is continuously learning new technologies and developing his expertise. His current focus is new frontend technologies and Microsoft Azure.

+358 50 480 1536

Jaakko Nikko

Principal Consultant

Jaakko has been working on IT issues for over 20 years. He is an experienced consultant with a broad range of deep Azure, Office 365 and overall Microsoft experience.

+358 (0)40 843 7717

Annika Ahonen

HR Coordinator

Annika is the right hand of the company, improving our quality of life with a positive attitude.

+358 50 468 5840

Janne Pasanen

Azure Developer

Janne has nearly 15 years of experience in working with demanding software projects as a developer, consultant, architect, designer/lead designer and business analyst. Janne has a far-ranging experience of developing products.

+358 (0)44 292 9873

Joni Virtanen

Azure Developer

Joni has over 5 years of experience of software development projects. He has designed, implemented and administered complex web-based systems. Now he focus on Microsoft Azure.

+358 (0)50 516 8233

Joonas Westlin

Azure Developer

Joonas has built systems with Microsoft technologies since 2015. He is an experienced trainer and one of the world's most active gurus on Azure AD questions in Stack Overflow.

+358 (0)41 501 7128

Juhani Markkula

Azure Developer

Juhani has worked on IT for over 10 years as a developer, architect, consultant and a CTO. He has the most experience on Microsoft technologies, and now he focuses on Microsoft Azure.

+358 (0)44 345 7541

Lauri Lehman

Data Scientist

Lauri has a PhD in quantum information, and his interest is the extraction of valuable insights and building of intelligence on top of large data sets.

+358 (0)40 7173 674

Okko Oulasvirta

Principal Consultant

Okko has over 15 years of experience with Microsoft technologies. He is very knowledgeable about the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM & DevOps), Service Management and Enterprise Cloud Architectures.

+358 (0)40 778 7028

Sebastian de Mel

Azure Developer

Sebastian has worked on IT for over 10 years as a developer, designer, architect and a CTO. He's very interested in new ways of working and solving things, and he's now focusing on Microsoft Azure.

+358 (0)45 239 6496

Sami Laitala

Azure Developer

Sami has over 10 years of experience of designing and developing web applications. He is an expert in frontend development and he is really interested in functional programming and Azure.

+358 (0)44 2855115

Tuomas Tattari

Azure Developer

Tuomas has over 10 years of experience in designing and building software solutions. Previously he's worked with cloud-based SaaS applications and analytics. Now he's focusing on Azure.

+358 (0)50 338 6281

Jani Hyytiäinen

Azure Developer

Janne Hakkarainen

Azure Developer

Janne has 10 years of experience in software development using Microsoft's technologies. During this time he has worked as a developer, project manager and as a team leader. He is experienced in all phases of software projects from requirement definition to implementation. Current interest include Azure and machine learning.

Lauri Peltonen

Azure Developer

Lauri is an IT professional who is specialized in Microsoft's tools. He started his career in 2007 and is strongest at backend development. Before Zure he has worked both abroad and in Finland in different development and project management roles.

Ville Rajala

Azure Data Engineer / Architect