What we do

Normally we start with Design Azure Application workshops. Based on those we will have clear understanding what needs to be developed, and we can proceed with Develop Azure Application. 

Design Azure Application

With Zure’s 3-week ”Design Azure Application” project, you’ll have the necessary information to make the call, including the architecture design and budgetary estimates. Your application idea can be new or based on an existing app, we will make it work. ”Design Azure Application” leads to the creation of a clickable prototype for your application, followed by the development and release of the first version. 

Develop Azure Application

After getting clear understanding what needs to be developed, we are working together with your product owner to prioritize features to be developed. After 2 weeks iterations we are demonstrating what we achieved, and plan for next iteration. 

Key Benefits


You get exactly the application you want


Application can be built as high availability and scalability as needed


With Zure's experienced professionals you get is right at once

How we do it

On the project delivery, Zure subscribes to a lean approach. We rely on the concept of a self organizing team with the needed design and development skills to produce end-to-end solutions. 

Requirements are managed through lean project management practices, translating to the team doing implementation in 2-week development iterations according to a prioritized task list. It is the responsibility of a product owner and the team together to design, prioritize and commit to every 2-week iteration. The direction of the development can be changed between iterations by changing the prioritization of business requirements.