What we do

Normally we start with workshop(s) where your architect(s) presents application and its architecture and share what kind of challenges you are facing. Based on workshop results we can study your application implementation, and give improvement ideas related to architecture, code, and security issues you may have. To ensure improvement ideas will be taken into use, we can help to adopt them. 

We also help in assessing the application from the user perspective and provide recommendations on how to improve an applications usability and accessibility. 

Bellow are some examples of the what different assesments might consider

Architecture assesment

  • How Architecture and Azure Services fit to problem area you are trying to solve 
  • Evolvability 
  • Maintainability 
  • Logical, Process, Development and Physical architecture 
  • Used architectural styles and their “correct” usage 
  • Monolith, microservices, event sourcing, CQRS, messaging, event driven, DDD, etc 
  • Performance 
  • Scalability 

Code assesment

  • Readability and naming things 
  • Structure, cohesion, and coupling 
  • SOLID, GRASP, and other good practises 
  • essential and accidental complexity 
  • Code metrics like cyclomatic complexity 
  • Unit/Integration testing 
  • Code coverage 
  • TODO/HACK etc comments in code 

Security assesment

  • App dev best practices 
  • Potential vulnerabilities 
  • Code review 
  • Infrastructure review 
  • Secret management 
  • Product choices 
  • Security hardening suggestions and adoption 
  • Development practices related to security 

Key Benefits


You get additional view of your architecture, code, and security practices


Your performance, scalability, availability, or maintainability issues will be solved


You get peace of mind running your application in Azure

How we do it

We have always more than one experienced professional to study your application implementation from different point of views: architecture, code, and security.  

We are doing assessment in close co-operation with your experts to share information in both directions. We will document any findings, and help adopting changes to Azure, Architecture, Code, or DevOps. 

Where needed our UX professionals step in and help to assess the useability and accessibility of the solution and provide clear recommendations on how to improve the solution for your users.