What we do

We always start with App modernization design workshops. Based on those we are able to identify possible challenges and define the best approach for the actual modernization development.

App Modernization Design 

The purpose for App Modernization Design is to:

  • Understand what is needed to modernize your application to the cloud.
  • Understand the cost and schedule of the application modernization development project.
  • Be able to make the call if moving the application to the cloud is actually even a feasible thing to do.

App Modernization Development

Depending on status of your current application and results of App Modernization Design, there are several options for cloud migration: 


Also known as a lift and shift migration, a rehost effort moves a current state asset to the Azure, with minimal change to overall architecture. 


Platform as a service (PaaS) options can reduce the operational costs that are associated with many applications. It is a good idea to slightly refactor an application to fit a PaaS-based model. 


Some aging applications are not compatible with cloud providers because of the architectural decisions that were made when the application was built. In these cases, the application might need to be rearchitected before transformation. 


In some scenarios, the delta that must be overcome to carry an application forward can be too large to justify further investment. This is especially true for applications that previously met the needs of a business but are now unsupported or misaligned with the current business processes. 


Solutions are typically implemented by using the best technology and approach available at the time. Sometimes software as a service (SaaS) application can provide all the necessary functionality for the hosted application. In these scenarios, a workload can be scheduled for future replacement, effectively removing it from the transformation effort. 

Whatever the status of your application be, we are here to help! 

Key Benefits


Simplify your application hosting by moving it to the cloud


Modernize your application and make it better in the process


Reduce your application maintenance costs

How we do it

The design part is done with 2 senior experts, and consists of two workshops. The deliverable is split in two documents:

  • Architecture document describes the idea, key features, users and roles, design principles, ecosystem, high level architecture, technical use cases, security requirements, and the key technical Azure products used.
  • Roadmap document describes the total schedule and cost estimates.

After building the needed undersanding, our approach for development is the same in all of our projects. We work in an iterative manner where we constantly validate our assumptions, iterate the design and focus on continuous delivery, with high quality.