“We started coding in early 2015 with the help of Zure’s talented team. Thanks to our partnership with Zure and Microsoft we got our beta version done faster than expected. The system has been live with paying customers since July 2015. We were lucky to have the Zure guys helping us, with the best Azure knowledge in the world.”

Markus Mikola, Co-founder
Riitta Raesmaa, Co-founder

About ContractZen

ContractZen is a Finnish cloud technology company founded in 2014. The all-in-one SaaS solution includes metadata-driven contract management, an all-digital board portal, virtual data rooms (VDR), secure e-signatures, and more. Easy to use on any device, ContractZen improves corporate governance and business operations by reducing costs, accelerating processes, and minimizing risks.

Our role

We help ContractZen to design, build and manage an intuitive, secure, and globally scalable contract management SaaS product.