“We are improving our customer experience and seeking efficiencies in sales through modern self-service sites. The streamlining of diverse processes through online services is at a brilliant pace, thanks to Zure’s expertise and attitude. They have opinions and they are not affraid to say them. We are very pleased. ”

Janne Tenkanen, Systems Development Manager, JCDecaux Finland Oy

About JCDecaux Finland

JCDecaux is the number one outdoor advertising company in the world and it is spread into 60 different countries worldwide. JCDecaux Finland employs 65 people and focuses on the business areas of Street Furniture, Point of Sale, and Transport products. JCDecaux Finland has diverse business processes that need to be streamlined with web solutions. One of the main targets is to improve the customer experience and sales efficiency with modern digital self-service tools.

Our role

Zure helps JCDecaux to design, build, and manage a customer-facing digital self-service solution with integrations to business systems, improving the customer experience and sales efficiency significantly. The project started with the requirement of modernizing the previous customer-facing digital services, first by providing a better user experience and new features, and then by providing the customers with the capability to fully order a campaign online.