Kompozure is now Zure

Sakari Nahi | 17.09.2018
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Pretty nifty name, right?

There’s one thing I’ve learned during the years: nothing is ever completed. Even the best ideas improve in time. Usually it takes a year or two for an idea to percolate properly, and nothing seems to change in less than a year.

The slowness of this process is also a good thing, because it frees one to make hard decisions. By understanding that no decision can be perfect the first time, it is easier to build a culture of prototyping and to face and fix own failures.

This has been the process with our purpose as well. For years, we have experienced feelings of excitement and success on every iteration, yet it seems we’re never done.

It’s starting to feel like the purpose of the purpose is to crystallize forever. This is getting quite meta.

Our brand timeline: Brand history

Our common purpose is the most valuable thing in the company. Thus we’re not bummed we’ve been brainstorming about it for a while already. The content is still pretty much the same as in the beginning, but we feel we’ve gained on focus and emotional clarity.

We’re excited as hell on this newest representation of us. It feels like we’re closer to ourselves than before. Maybe in the next two years we’ll change something, but for now, it feels like we’re home.

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