How does Kompozure operate differently?

Markus Manninen | 07.02.2014
Reading time 1 min

Every now and then it’s good to stop and clarify what we do and what we don’t, who we are and who we are not.

We do not only offer cloud services We build cloud-based applications and systems for our clients
We do not only consult We plan and develop the applications from start to finish
We do not see the cloud just as a new infrastructure We see the cloud as the most cost efficient platform for your application and your business
We are not a software house that knows all technologies We focus on Microsoft technologies, especially on Windows Azure; mobile- and tablet applications are a natural part of our solutions
We do not only do agile development We are an agile company including agile contracts
We do not nearshore or offshore We are a business partner for our clients
We do not have project managers and faceless developers Our clients discuss straight with the developers
IPR matter is not complicated with us You own the code
It is not difficult to define us or differentiate us from our competitors We are that company that knows Azure