Zure as a company


We look for challenges and grow better through hardships. In Zure everyone develops themselves, yet knowing that there’s support from the others. Every day is kept interesting through challenges and learning, so in the morning it doesn’t feel like shit waking up.

Zure in a Nutshell

  • We design and build demanding solutions on Microsoft Azure
  • Established in summer 2011
  • We are owned by the personnel
  • We’ve grown organically and the goal is to build a long-lasting, healthy company
  • We act in a personal and transparent manner
  • We invest in our expertise and culture



Our values

  • Everyone of us is passionate about learning – there’s nobody here who’s got lost on the way. You can trust your coworkers’ drive.
  • Nobody can build a complex system by themselves, meaning that your teammate helps you and reduces your work, and thus has earned your respect. It doesn’t matter from which company the teammate comes.
  • We’ve chosen to trust each other. Life is better that way. We want to be a blameless environment.

Our values can be seen in our daily actions – transparency, no bureaucracy, autonomy, customer discussions, common planning, project habits, etc.

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