Whoseday – Iiro Vanninen

Monica Vikman | 04.11.2020
Reading time 2 min

Whoseday (#Ketäpäivä) is back with a presentation of new talent! Welcome to our blog, now you have a chance to get to know Iiro Vanninen our Azure Developer.

Iiro has accumulated about 5 years of experience working with .NET technologies among other development and administrative responsibilities. He has a full-stack skillset with a specialty in backend development.

🎙 Why Zure as an employer?

When in my previous position I was running out of new challenges, I started searching for a job where I wouldn’t have to worry about stagnating. Zure speaks to me especially because of its high goals and strong values. I remember sitting in the job interview and thinking “wow, this kind of thing actually exists”. At Zure it’s understood that good results cannot form without the wellbeing of the community.

🎙 Has telecommuting changed the way you work

Absolutely. Before corona-times, I had to get to the office to get my working mode running, but now I’ve gotten used to remote working. Nowadays I can get my work done from home when lying on the couch with my baggy pants on, so comfort levels have actually increased. On the flip side, I see my coworkers in person too rarely.

🎙 Where do you get strength for your work week?

Personally, it depends a lot on the day because when my work is going well and there are few obstacles, the day seems really easy. If the situation is unclear or I hit walls constantly, I usually don’t work as long. In the evening I relax by playing guitar or going for an afterwork. And sometimes when my workday allows it I take a nap in the middle of the day 🙂

👻 Halloween experiences that you could share?

In Otaniemi there was once a Halloween party that had a bouncing castle. I tried to get in but the doorman told me that “you can’t take your drink with you in there”. I tried to persuade him by criticizing his judgment until I spilled my drink on his shirt. I took a cab home.