PaaS Makes Custom Business Solutions Attractive (part 1/2)

Markus Manninen | 31.05.2013
Reading time 2 min

A Custom Business Solution is a tailor-made application that meets the business requirements of a company perfectly. Commonly they are deployed to streamline core business processes.

Custom solutions divide opinions, but now is a good time to update the facts to the second decade of the 21st century.

Custom solutions are currently trending. Here we have three reasons for this.

Competitive edge

The best companies in their field understand and execute their business better than their competitors. When it comes to their core business and processes, they want to protect their commercial secrets and do not like to adapt their excellent business process to fit the standard technology.

On the other hand, a company might be in the position of a challenger, and all the other players in the industry including the market leader are using standard technology. At that point a custom business application on new technology is one of the few possibilities to differentiate, gain market share and even change the whole field of business.


The second reason is related to the ever changing business environment of today. When the only constant is change, it helps to possess a custom business solution in the cloud which adapts to your needs easily, quickly and cost efficiently.

New technological enabler

The third and most significant factor to the trend is a new technological enabler. PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a cloud technology that makes building custom business solutions fast, easy and inexpensive. In addition to that, it also enables easy and inexpensive maintenance and scalability.

When Kompozure builds a custom business application for its client on Windows Azure (PaaS), it is normal for the client to gain over 50 percent in savings. *

PaaS deserves a deeper dive to the matter, so I will continue on it in my next blog.

* When compared to a non-PaaS solution over 3 year TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)