How to Make The Old ERP Usable By a Simple Custom BPaaS* Solution

Markus Manninen | 07.08.2013
Reading time 2 min


BPaaS* = Business Process as a Service means that back-office functions are streamlined by delivering business processes through the cloud technologies (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS).

In Kompozure we’ve seen that companies are looking for custom cloud-based solutions when modernizing their existing software and IT Operations. One fine example of this trend is when a company has run into a productivity issue with their old ERP. This can be solved by a simple custom BPaaS solution.


Users do not like to use systems that are cumbersome and difficult to learn. This problem leads to a productivity issue which harms or even prevents the business process streamlining. In this situation the company has a business problem that needs to be taken care of. However this is not often a good enough reason for selecting a new ERP system.


We are not an ERP vendor but we have a solution for this kind of a situation. With our modernization solution our customer improves the user experience and solves the productivity issues.

Simply put we can improve the usability of the old ERP in an inexpensive and fast way without changing the otherwise functional and reliable engine.

What we do, is we build a web application on Windows Azure with an intuitive user interface and just the right features needed to streamline the business process successfully. The business processes we are typically dealing with are sales process, finance process, sourcing process or HR process.

In addition to an intuitive user interface the improved user experience and productivity originates from modern features such as visual processes, graphical dashboards, BI etc.


Windows Azure as a platform (PaaS) and custom BPaaS as a model in modernizing existing ERP module keeps the TCO of this solution alluringly low compared to the ROI. In addition to low costs the custom BPaaS solution improves the mobility, agility and scalability compared to traditional software solutions.

When the enterprise software is easy to learn and use and even nice to use some very good things start to happen.

Below is a list of benefits that arise when the enterprise system is easy to use:

  • Reduced training cost and time
  • Improved system adoption and employee satisfaction
  • The original ROI of the ERP becomes possible to achieve
  • Less power users needed
  • More time on analyzing information instead of navigating and seeking

Building custom BPaaS solutions on Windows Azure is the core business and core competence of Kompozure. We believe that for a company it pays off to have a business application that meets the business’s unique requirements and has a good user experience.