Whoseday – Erkka Puusti
Monica Vikman | 14.04.2021
Reading time 3 min
Whoseday is back and today we have a chance to spend it together with Design Lead Erkka Puusti!   Erkka is a solution designer, a facilitator, and a creative technologist, with an emphasis on the creative side. His focus is on user-centric design and development, and in Agile teamwork facilitation. Read more...

Whoseday – Ilkka Lehto
Monica Vikman | 24.03.2021
Reading time 3 min
The sun is shining, the birds are singing and Easter is soon on our doorsteps. #Whoseday, however, just continues! This time we have a chance to spend it together with Expert Lead Ilkka Lehto. “Ilkka is an experienced, user-centric, and open-minded software professional with broad experience of Microsoft Cloud. Ilkka’s... Read more...

Whoseday? Women’s Day!
Natasha Overell | 08.03.2021
Reading time 3 min
Happy International Women’s Day! It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again, the Tech Industry needs more women. There’s a campaign going around called #SurfaceTheWomen, where women are being called upon to share their experiences and story in tech – so here’s mine, enjoy! By 2012... Read more...

Whoseday – Mark “Macke” Törnqvist
Monica Vikman | 17.02.2021
Reading time 1 min
Welcome back to Whoseday! It’s already mid-February and we are moving at a rapid pace towards spring. Today #Whoseday guest is Azure Solutions Architect Mark Törnqvist, who strives to stay on the nerves of time, even though the passage of time has shifted more and more from the cleaning closet... Read more...

Whoseday – Tuomas Hara
Monica Vikman | 02.02.2021
Reading time 2 min
Welcome again! A couple of weeks have slipped away again. Today we will introduce Azure Developer Tuomas Hara during our Whoseday (#Ketäpäivä). Tuomas has 12+ years of experience working as a software developer, consultant, and architect. Tuomas is a Microsoft certified Azure developer and a solutions architect. His strongest areas... Read more...

Whoseday – Kristina Viikari
Monica Vikman | 19.01.2021
Reading time 2 min
Welcome back, today it’s again Whoseday time! The year has changed and we all certainly hope that this year will be significantly better than the previous one. Today we get to know Kristina, who is full of new energy after the holidays. She is responsible for the financial management of... Read more...