Azure Immersion Workshop: Cloud Native Apps
Monica Vikman | 16.02.2021
Reading time 0 min
“Gain invaluable knowledge to help you take full advantage of app development in the cloud. The Azure Immersion Workshop: Cloud Native Apps was meticulously curated to accelerate your understanding of Kubernetes, cloud-native apps, and supporting Azure technologies. Your morning starts with a whiteboard design session on mapping migration strategies and... Read more...

Blockchains and Azure
Lauri Peltonen | 25.02.2021
Reading time 5 min
This is the first post of a new blog series called Blockchains and Azure. The aim of this series is to: – Deep dive into Azure’s blockchain services – Go through blockchains in general: what are they and how do they work – Look into what business... Read more...

Zure Digest #2
Joni Moilanen | 29.01.2021
Reading time 6 min
Zure Digest is a collection of Azure and other development-related links, curated by the Azure Guild of the Zure. Links don’t represent the values of Zure or our coding practices. They are intended to be thought-provoking or otherwise worth sharing. Architecture Building a social media platform... Read more...

React, dependencies and state management solutions
Pasi Taive | 09.02.2021
Reading time 5 min
One of the biggest challenges in software development is dependency management and software architecture tries to manage it. Different architectural styles try to handle dependency management in different ways. Microservices are the newest trend, where one microservice is trying to be as autonomous as possible and therefore has no coupling... Read more...

Are u Azure?
Monica Vikman | 24.11.2020
Reading time 0 min
In the world of today, cybersecurity is on everyone’s mind. Information is the most important asset for many companies, and security incidents are in the news daily. Now you have a chance to join the discussion about the security in Azure from the viewpoints of decision-makers, IT professionals, and software... Read more...

Zure Digest .NET 5 Extra
Joni Moilanen | 20.11.2020
Reading time 4 min
This is a special issue for .NET 5 -related news and articles to help get started with the latest version! Official announcements Announcing .NET 5.0 We’re excited to release .NET 5.0 today and for you to start using it. It’s a major release — including ... Read more...