AZ-220 Microsoft Azure IoT Developer

This course helps students prepare for the Microsoft IoT Developer certification exam AZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer. Microsoft Azure IoT Developer is intended for IoT Developers and Architects responsible for designing and implementing the cloud and the edge portion of an IoT Solution.

This course is based on Microsoft’s official course material. In addition, we add to the mix Zure’s extensive experience from our own Azure development projects.

Microsoft is investing $5 billion in IoT research – adding new services and features to Azure IoT in the coming years.

In addition to configuring and maintaining the devices by using cloud services, the IoT Developer also sets up the physical devices. The IoT Developer is responsible for maintaining the devices throughout the life cycle. Students will learn how to implement an IoT solution and it’s infrastructure, making it secure and easy to troubleshoot from the edge to the cloud. 

As you pass the AZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer certification exam, you will be granted the Azure IoT Developer Specialty.

Key Topics

  • Implementing IoT solution infrastructure
  • Implement Edge functionality
  • Provision and manage devices at scale
  • Process and manage IoT Data
  • Implement Security across your IoT Solution
  • Monitor, troubleshoot and optimize IoT Solutions

Training Outline

The certification training is divided into three days. After that, you will have all the tools to complete the Microsoft IoT Developer certification test.

Day 1

  • Create and configure an IoT Hub
  • Build device messaging and communication
  • Configure physical IoT devices
  • Implement the Device Provisioning Service
  • Manage IoT devices using IoT Hub
  • Configure routing in Azure IoT Hub

Day 2

  • Build a solution by using IoT Central
  • Set up and deploy an IoT Edge device
  • Develop IoT Edge Modules
  • Configure Stream Processing
  • Configure an IoT solution for Time Series Insights

Day 3

  • Configure health monitoring and troubleshoot device communication
  • End-to-end solution testing and diagnostics
  • Device authentication and security
  • Implement Azure Security Center for IoT

At the end of this 3-day training, your ability to design and implement an IoT solution using the targetted Azure IoT services will be improved.

Contact us and we will arrange the AZ-220: Azure IoT Developer training for your team according to your needs!