Web Apps

Browser-based, responsive and modern internet service are the spearhead of digital services.

We concept and design your digital services, and build them with the best practices and tools in the industry. Our front-end development is based on the React JS -framework, while the backbone of your application will be built on with Microsoft Azure’s toolbox. If your concept cries out for mobile development, we’ll design a mobile application that fills your user experience needs using React Native.

Microsoft Azure provides tools for managing and monitoring globally scalable internet services. Whether you need an IoT -solution, a digital service leveraging a data platform of a more traditional self-service portal, Azure provides a variety of products to cover your needs. These include Azure Web Apps, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Instance, Azure Redis, Cosmos DB, Azure SQL, Azure Storage, Azure Functions, Azure SignalR, Azure AD and Azure Application Insights.

For other service requirements, including security and routing users to the correct service instance, Azure has products like Azure Frontdoor, Azure Traffic Manager, Azure DDoS Protection, and Azure Application Gateway.

So, whatever kind of digital service you need, we won’t get stuck delivering either the front- or backend of the service!