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Design Cloud Platform at a special price

Are you looking at modernizing your global capabilities or optimizing the decision-making in the company by making data visible?

Your organization can reap the benefits from the cloud by creating a re-usable layer of scalable, extensible cloud components in the form of a cloud platform, such as API Platform, Data Platform, Integration Platform-as-a-Service (IPaaS), or the like.

In our 4-6 week “Design Cloud Platform” project we will provide you with the required vision, Azure architecture, and budgetary estimates to building the cloud platform your organization requires.

The design project is followed by the actual implementation of data transfer, storage, analysis, API and BI capabilities, in a step-by-step manner to minimize the costs and maximize the return.

The project

  • The project is executed with 3 senior experts and consists of four to six meetings
  • The deliverable is split in two documents:
    • Architecture document describes the concept, key features, users and roles, design principles, ecosystem, high-level architecture, technical use cases, security requirements, the key technical Azure products, and related cloud governance
    • Roadmap document describes the total schedule and cost estimates, split into prioritized sub-projects

The purpose

  • To understand the enterprise architecture requirements and big picture
  • To understand the platform scope and optimal architecture
  • To understand the cost and schedule of the platform development project
  • To be able to make the call on the platform development

Next steps

  • Implement and release the first components of the platform with Zure development services
  • Maintain and improve your platform with Zure’s continuous services
  • Create or update comprehensive cloud governance for your organization with Zure’s ”Cloud Governance”
  • Create and deploy the optimal DevOps practices for your organization with Zure’s ”Well-Managed Azure DevOps”
  • Design specific digital services with Zure’s ”Design Azure Application”


Design your Azure application now at a special price: 10 900 € + VAT. (normal 19 800 €). The offer is valid until the end of November.

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