“Zure has understood our needs, responded to them agilely, supported us in change and challenges, and provided appropriate solutions on its own initiative. This has been a great foundation to start building new systems and plan future developments together.”

Antti Nummiranta, Director, Technology and Development, Seure Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy

About Seure

Seure, a personnel service company owned by the Central Uusimaa Sote Consortium and HUS, helps its customers to make up for the absences of permanent employees.

Seure’s activities have grown enormously in recent years due to labor shortages and increasing demands in labor-intensive industries. The background is, among other things, the future retirement of several municipal employees, the change in working life, the growing demand from customers, and the changing needs from short replacements to more permanent staff replacement.

As the world changes, needs change, and as needs change, service delivery must change. As Seure’s business grew, the goal was to find new ways to automate routine tasks, develop operating methods to be more agile, support operations more efficiently with the help of information systems, and modernize services to meet customers’ changing needs better than traditional staffing.


Our role

The IT assessment carried out by Seure in 2018 revealed significant deficiencies in the information systems at the time. It was time to start building a new information system architecture and services that better meet the changing needs. Microsoft’s Azure was chosen as the platform and PaaS as the operating model. There was still a need to find the best possible partner to support the change. This leads to collaboration with Zure, which specializes in solving challenges.

The collaboration has created the OmaSeure mobile application for employees, which was launched in November 2019 and is intended for managing your own employment matters and booking work. We are also currently developing an OmaSeure application for customers to increase the flexibility of ordering, as well as a new placement service to optimize customers’ human resources. The goal of the placement service is to automate routine work with the help of algorithms and machine learning. In the future, artificial intelligence could also be used for more efficient and equitable optimization of human resources to ensure staff adequacy.

Technology stack

Microsoft Azure PaaS, Azure App Service, API Management, ASP.NET Core, C#, EF Core, Azure Storage, Azure SQL, Azure Active Directory, Azure Functions, Azure Key Vault, TypeScript, React, Application Insights, Azure DevOps, Git