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Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform. It’s a strategic venture for Microsoft and they’re investing in it and it’s related cloud products (like Office 365) more than on anything else. As a consequence Azure is expanding in a myriad of ways and amazing speed. Capacity is not running out either since Azure has more data centers than Google and Amazon together.

Azure is getting updates and new features daily, and on an annual level, it is getting whole new services that enable new kinds of business agility.

What can you do with Azure?

  • Run infrastructure, e.g. Windows and Linux servers
  • Build globally scaling products or custom core business tools for employees, partners, or clients.
  • Manage employees or other users identities with Azure AD
  • Store an unlimited amount of data in various different formats
  • Process this data in various ways; enriching, transcoding, searching, analyzing or predicting
  • Use it as an extension of your own data center, getting more capacity from the cloud
  • It also supports hybrid solutions that are partly in your own data center and party in Azure


  • You pay for use by the minute. So if things don’t fly, you won’t have a large invoice
  • You don’t have to wait for data center services, we can allocate the needed resources on the fly
  • Scales internationally, so if you get a positive surprise, you won’t run out of capacity
  • When using PaaS, you won’t need people to maintain hardware, you just focus on your business and Microsoft takes care of it
  • Microsoft offers comprehensive SLAs, 99.90% – 99.95% per service
  • Development is faster when using various Azure services to our advantage
  • Solutions will work depending on the used services, in other datacenters too, sot there’s no hosting lock-in
  • Development is done on Microsoft .NET-technologies. There is no vendor lock-in as .NET developers are commonly available.
  • Microsoft is pushing Azure forward fast – support is readily available in problem situations

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