Technological Focus

We’re the only company in Finland focused solely on Microsoft Azure.

Focus creates strong expertise. We don’t do many things badly, we do one thing well.

Factors of Quality

Software development is personal. Your solution is just as good as the team that’s building it.

The only route to a good end-product is having experienced executors. The more challenging the job, the more important the vision and expertise of your team is.

The chances of a project being successful get better when the team is composed of members that have IT as their calling. When your team is experienced and knowledgeable, the rest is up to the concept and the projects working methods.

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Project Team

Our teams are composed or passionate developers, individuals that continually improve themselves.

We have no people focused on management, all our team members are experts. This way we, when planning and implementing a project, we take into account the effects of technologies and the concept on the budget and can react to them in the right way.

Our developers are close to the users skin:

  • The budget and concept changes are tracked by the entire team
  • One of the team members, a talented developer that is interested in the details, will report the costs and project “burndown” to the customer.
  • We don’t play “broken telephone”, since we don’t have project managers as middlemen transferring the customers message to the “resource pool”.
  • The team can respond directly to new ideas with their technical or user experience views

The Iterating aka Lean Approach

We vouch on the name of iterating development. Not a single methodology, but the following principles:

  • Create something visible often, to receive feedback from users
  • Accept “wrong decisions”, since in a few weeks their lead you the right way
  • Change direction quickly, if user feedback or the business requires it
  • Finding the right solution requires cooperation from the whole team
  • The work methods of the team develop as the project progresses

Whether the teams chosen methodology is by-the-book-scrum or scrambling-kanban, the main thing is, that the co-operation work, and the team produces visible results quickly.

Do The Right Thing

A less experienced but talented developer may start building the church or Isaac too easily. Sometimes the right decision is to just do less. The fastest way to getting a finished product is sometimes just leaving out some of the feature or simplifying it. This is why, in modern software development, the end users are presented a version of the solution as quickly as possible. The right features to implement can be chosen on the basis of user feedback.

After choosing the required features, their requirements in relation to the project need to be thought out. For example: how fast does the feature have to be released, how many users does it have to serve, how visual does the feature have to be, etc.

There are technical facets of solutions that are not necessarily reliant on user feedback. These can be sign-in, exception handling, auditing, user rights, scalability, data storages, etc.

When making decisions, many different factors and views need to be taken in to account. This is why it is important that the team not only have technical expertise, but also experience in sparring about and taking business specific views into account. The solution will not be perfect without the team having a strong vision of the customers benefits and the produced added value. From us, you’ll get vision.

P.S. Worse Is Better or Do The Right Thing? We don’t take a stand on these two different competing ways of software acceptance, since we believe that there is a place for them both.

Quality Assurance

The core of our business is to assure quality:

  • Recruiting is our most important job
  • Our agile Zure Quality Management process is our guiding light in internal quality
  • Studying is part of daily life
  • We organize and attend events that take our field forward
  • We reserve time monthly for internal reviews and training
  • Our developers get paid for developing their own projects on their free time
  • No solution will be deployed without automating the process
  • We demand active communication, meaningful projects and a grasp of the nature of co-operation from our clients