We want to offer consulting on strategic level. We believe that our hands-on experience from building solutions is visible in our consulting, and thus we’re able to give our customers practical consulting service.

Consulting services feed our project business, and strategic level consulting can be profitable as well even though there’s more of unchargeable time due to short projects and time consuming sales efforts.

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We want to be in the project business. Through projects we run into new phonemena, learn new domains, and challenge ourselves. We want to be involved in demanding, interesting projects, and for that we are still looking to grow.

Project business can be profitable, but it requires a specialized environment and understanding of the industry’s peculiar demands.

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Continuous services and maintenance

We want to offer continuous services and maintenance to solutions we’ve built. We do not force this on our customers, but we like to maintain well executed solutions, and if there are some issues with the solution at hand, we want to be the first to hear about them, so that we can learn from that.

As a business these functions differ from the previous ones, because the actions within are either often timed evaluations and tasks, or they are ad hoc responding to customer requests.

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