Zure at Global Azure Virtual 2020 – The recordings

Glenn Colpaert | 27.04.2020
Reading time 3 min

Global Azure Virtual is a wrap, last week people all over the world joined this world-wide community event with 100% focus on Microsoft Azure. Featuring 248 speakers and 319 sessions, Global Azure was a big success. Most of the sessions are available online and can be watched on-demand here.

As mentioned during the announcement post, Zure featured 4 speakers and 5 sessions during Global Azure. We are happy to share the recording below.

Take control of your deployments with Azure Pipelines & YAML (Pasi Huuhka)

Infrastructure as Code in ARM templates, scripts required in configuration… Little by little, every piece of the puzzle required to get your code into production is becoming a part of the same repository. Now with Azure Pipelines YAML, the last piece – your whole deployment workflow – can be included there as well! Join Pasi Huuhka as he walks through the most useful features of Azure Pipelines with the YAML schema and how to use them. He will also provide real-world insight into what he has found to be the best way to transition from classic pipelines to YAML, pros & cons, and YAML pipeline development workflow & tooling. Are you ready to start mastering Azure Pipelines YAML? This session will set you on the right path.

The Azure I(di)oT guide through the rabbit hole! (Glenn Colpaert)

PaaS, SaaS, Digital Twins, Pre-Configured solutions…. welcome to the Azure IoT rabbit hole! The decision is up to you, but you’re not alone. For businesses, it’s important to consider all the options because it makes a difference between a good and a great decision for your business. In this session, Glenn will give you a deep-dive into the different Azure offerings regarding the Internet of Things! Attendees will hear learnings from the different IoT solutions Glenn has been involved in over the past years and will understand what is needed to build an IoT solution that is robust, future-proof, and secure.

Playing the game with Azure Cognitive Services (Pieter Vandenheede)

Azure Cognitive Services offers the most comprehensive portfolio in the market for developers who want to embed AI capabilities into their applications and platforms. During this session, Pieter will give you an overview of the Azure Cognitive Services offering. Armed with machine learning algorithms, he will show how AI can help you reach some hard to achieve goals and how to integrate them within your applications.

Develop & Deploy on Azure Data Factory and Databricks (Pasi Huuhka)

Two of the essential services in the Azure Data story – Azure Data Factory v2 and Azure Databricks – are fairly easy to take in use in development, but how do you deploy to production with them? Join Pasi Huuhka as he walks through the inner workings of these services, how to automate their deployments, and troubleshoot them when you run into issues. Sprinkled with real-world experience, the session will go through the best development practices, suggested ARM template structures, deployment pipelines and much more! After this presentation, you too are ready to create your own functional CI/CD flow for your data services.

Building a document e-signing workflow with Durable Functions (Joonas Westlin)

Durable functions offer an interesting programming model for building workflows. Whether you need to sometimes split and do multiple things or wait for user input, a lot of things are possible. They do present some challenges as well, and the limitations of orchestrator functions can make working with Durable seem very complicated. In this talk, we will go through the basics of Durable Functions along with strategies for deploying and monitoring them. A sample application will be presented where users can send documents for electronic signature. A Durable Functions workflow will power the signing process. After attending this talk, you will have a basic understanding of Durable Functions as well as the source code for the sample application, which you can refer to when developing your applications.

We hope that you had as much fun as we did during Global Azure!
Do you have any questions or remarks after watching these videos? Don’t hesitate to reach out, happy to help!