Why should I build a business application on Microsoft Azure cloud application platform?

Markus Manninen | 09.04.2014
Reading time 1 min


The purpose of business applications is to increase productivity and measure it. Business applications are used by employees and partners so they need to be robust and secure. They usually require authentication against corporate directory and integrations with on-premises data and services.

Microsoft Azure as a cloud application platform offers some clear benefits compared to traditional infrastructure. You can scale your Azure-based business application up and down to match dynamic workloads and save money. You can focus on your application and not the infrastructure. This increases productivity because you and your team are able to work on more strategic projects instead of maintenance and support.

One considerable opportunity in business applications running on Microsoft Azure is availability and accessibility. The value of this opportunity depends heavily on your unique business needs but in many cases the effect can be crucial. Imagine what your benefits are if your employees and partners can use your highly-available business applications from anywhere without the need to be connected to a corporate network.

We have a proven track record in creating robust and secure business applications on Microsoft Azure. We know what it takes to ensure the protected access and we know how to integrate the cloud-based business application with your on-premises data and services.