Whoseday – Pieter Vandenheede, Zure Belgium

Monica Vikman | 02.10.2020
Reading time 2 min

#Ketäpäivä (Whoseday) was originally planned to introduce Zure Finland’s new employees. However, I felt that introducing Zure Belgium’s founders and employees would not be a bad idea. So I asked if Pieter Vandenheede had time to answer a few questions. I got such comprehensive answers that the post could no longer fit on LinkedIn. However, I did not dare to cut down the answers because the content was so interesting in connection with the establishment of Zure Belgium and the current situation. So I moved the whole interview to a blog and summaries will be found on LinkedIn.

With almost 20 years of experience in IT as an architect, developer, and team lead, Pieter has worked on numerous projects. He has experience in platform, system and solution design and project management.

🇧🇪 Pieter, why did you decide to join the founding team of Zure Belgium?

“Co-founding Zure Belgium, together with Glenn Colpaert was a no-brainer. After talking to Zure Finland and founding out what their values are, how they are set up, and how they act, it just clicked. Transparency, honesty, and quality are the key elements here. The Azure experience and know-how is something that is very hard to find in Belgium. Combine that with a culture of safety and communication and I’m sure I made a correct decision in helping to set up the Zure brand in Belgium!”

🚀 How is Zure Belgium doing?

“2020 has been a wild ride so far: we started out in January and right from the start we focused on creating our presence in Belgium and partnership with Microsoft. Then there was corona, which made it harder for us. Nevertheless, in these uncertain times, we managed to set foot here in Belgium. We will very soon be looking to broaden our team with a senior Azure architect. So you can definitely say we had a good start!”

💪 Where do you get strength for the workday?

“Doing what you love makes time fly by! Every day I learn new things and that is what keeps the engine running. I’m curious by nature and to be able to deliver quality work and advice, you need to constantly build on your own basis. Nobody knows all, so being humble and asking questions is important. Learning and growing is what makes me tick.”

🦸 What is your superpower?

“Experience helps in making decisions. I’d like to think I can bring the necessary experience to help shape Zure Belgium for years to come. I like to talk to people and help coach my teammates. Even someone with no experience can bring fresh ideas. Learning, designing, and teaching is what I love. I’m not sure if it is a superpower, but it is what is working for me.”