Whoseday – Mark “Macke” Törnqvist

Monica Vikman | 17.02.2021
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Welcome back to Whoseday! It’s already mid-February and we are moving at a rapid pace towards spring. Today #Whoseday guest is Azure Solutions Architect Mark Törnqvist, who strives to stay on the nerves of time, even though the passage of time has shifted more and more from the cleaning closet to the edge of the cloud.

“Macke has been nerding on for 20+ years as a specialist, consultant, trainer, architect, etc. He’s currently working in Zure’s Continuous Services team, helping clients to get to the cloud in a fashionable manner. Mark worked previously at Microsoft, helping customers and partners with Azure Infrastructure related things.”

🎙 Why Zure as an employer?

The opportunity to work in a “dev” focused company seemed intriguing as I’ve got an infra-based background. Also, Zure has always had a good rep in the field, and I have not been disappointed so far.

🖥  Has remote-work changed the way you work?

Not really, I’m used to working remotely when possible.

🚶‍♂️ Where do you get strength for your work week?

Having a great environment and colleagues helps a lot. Also, interesting cases are a big plus! It’s also paramount to be able to de-couple from work at the end of the day, otherwise, you will burn out at some point.

🕯 What are you going to do on a “ski vacation”

Work, but looking for a quiet retreat after the holiday weeks to our traditional cottage without amenities. Staring at the fireplace instead of any digital device is really relaxing.

Hey you! We have many open positions at the moment:

Azure Specialist 💫

Azure Security Consultant 🔒💎

Senior Azure Consultant (Belgium) ✨💎

Avoin hakemus – hyville tyypeille on aina töitä! 💡