Whoseday – Ilkka Lehto

Monica Vikman | 24.03.2021
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The sun is shining, the birds are singing and Easter is soon on our doorsteps. #Whoseday, however, just continues! This time we have a chance to spend it together with Expert Lead Ilkka Lehto.

“Ilkka is an experienced, user-centric, and open-minded software professional with broad experience of Microsoft Cloud. Ilkka’s greatest strength is in detecting, understanding, and defining business problems and then actively driving solution development.”

🌍 Where do you come from?

I came from Turuntie (as the Finnish folk song goes)… and also along the train track. At least when I pop with the bike at Zure’s office. Of course, during a pandemic, the everyday experience of colleagues and customers is that Ile comes from Teams. 😁

My professional background is in software development methodologies and Microsoft technologies. I have been in many kinds of roles; Web Developer, Scrum Master, System Architect, Product Manager, Salesman, Customer-Service Provider, and Consultant. The main point in my current job is to dig out the most important tasks and organize them in the easiest resolvable model. Quite a creative and versatile job!

🎙 Why Zure?

I participated in Esa Saarinen’s Philosophy and Systems Thinking lecture series, I did in-depth and noncompulsive thinking of thinking about my own needs in working life. It was an emotional, interesting, and instructive exercise. I wrote a list of the most important things 1) working together with knowledgeable colleagues, 2) the shared goal and common direction of the work community, and 3) the opportunity for creative problem-solving in software development. Had I not listed these things in advance, I would probably think I invented them in hindsight. My own goals for working life resonated harmoniously when I ended up chatting with Sakke. So, I took the leap of faith. And so did Zure.

🧀 You started at Zure during Covid-19. What feelings does this cause you?

I got a hint from my friend about Yale University’s free online course The science of well-being. With the exercises in the course, I woke up to look at the world around me more gratefully than before and see great opportunities in even the smallest things. Sounds cheesy, but this course affected my thinking quite concretely. Although corona-time has brought us all the difficulties and problems, I can still see so many good things that can be enjoyed. These things can bury the corona under them. My own observation is that we are collectively more concerned about the coping of one another than our own. I hope everyone could find strength from their own thinking.

🐥 Your top Eastern moment?

The little ones in our family love virvonta*, and the “virpominen” of these little ones, in their witch costumes, is a mind-warming experience. I admire the children’s ability to immerse themselves so completely in the role.

* “The virvonta or virpominen (the act of refreshment or wish) is performed by Finnish children on Palm Sunday to wish well to the households.”

New job?

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