Whoseday – Glenn Colpaert, Zure Belgium

Monica Vikman | 21.10.2020
Reading time 1 min

Whoseday (#Ketäpäivä) is back! Welcome to our blog, now you have a chance to get to know Glenn Colpaert, one of the founders of Zure Belgium.

Glenn is a Microsoft Azure MVP. He has over 10 years of experience working with Microsoft technologies. Currently, he’s focused on designing and building secure, scalable cloud-based solutions on Microsoft Azure.

Glenn, why did you decide to join the founding team of Zure Belgium?

During the last couple of years, I’ve met different people of Zure at community events. They all shared the same passion for technology and expressed how unique the Zure brand and culture actually is. Having the opportunity to join this crew and co-found Zure Belgium together with Pieter was a no-brainer.

🚀 How is Zure Belgium doing?

In these uncertain times, our focus remains on helping customers in their Azure journey. In the first couple of months, we’ve actually managed to build a presence here in Belgium, by delivering projects and talking to customers. The next challenge will be expanding the team and building the Zure brand and community. Despite the different challenges, we’ve had a great start if you ask me!

💪 Where do you get strength for the workday?

Being able to help both customers and colleagues when they face issues with Azure. Next to that being able to learn something new or face new challenges is what brings a smile to my face!

☕️ What is your superpower?

Drinking coffee!! 🦸