Zure 2020
Sakari Nahi | 31.12.2019
Reading time 7 min
This is part 1 of 3 of ‘the first decade of Zure’. The beginning of Zure It was a dark and stormy night we decided to set Zure up (then Kompozure) with Sami. It really wasn’t. It was spring 2011, breezy and beautiful. I had worked as a developer and... Read more...

Solution to Work Well-Being Problems: Foosball
Lauri Peltonen | 04.12.2019
Reading time 2 min
There are often articles in the news about how people should remember to exercise during the workday. This is especially important for us data people. We can basically spend our entire workday sitting and punching at our keyboards. Sitting is a silent killer and so on. However, employers do not... Read more...

Azure and blockchains
Lauri Peltonen | 03.09.2019
Reading time 2 min
We have all heard of the term blockchain. It’s one of those hype terms which, for some reason, is associated with greatness, ‘the next big thing’ and all the best in general. In my opinion, it’s currently somewhere at the same level as AI – a great idea but companies... Read more...