PaaS Makes Custom Business Solutions Attractive (part 2/2)

Markus Manninen | 27.06.2013
Reading time 1 min

PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a cloud technology that makes building custom business solutions fast, easy and inexpensive. In addition, it also enables easy and inexpensive maintenance and scalability. IaaS and SaaS are more mature and established cloud technologies than PaaS which is the least evolved and utilized of these three.

PaaS might however be the biggest game changer in the whole shift to cloud according to some enlightened cloud experts.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

PaaS offers small and medium companies access to technologies and services they could not afford prior to PaaS.

Independent software vendors and IT-organisations

PaaS enables independent software vendors and IT organizations to create applications and software solutions with a fraction of capital expenses compared to the old days.

Wild and crazy ideas

By utilizing PaaS even the wildest and craziest ideas are feasible. B2C and B2B markets will see more and more applications that would have been impossible to execute before without the speed, scalability and cost efficiency offered by PaaS.

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Building custom business solutions on Azure is the core business and core competence of Kompozure. We believe that for a company it pays off to have a business application that meets the businesses unique requirements and that is nice to use.