Kompozure’s Mojo

Sakari Nahi | 08.09.2011
Reading time 2 min

We founded this company because we couldn’t find anything comparable from Finland.

We wanted to

  • Offer quality in a totally transparent manner
  • Work with new, disruptive technologies
  • Focus on competency and expertise

We ended up specializing in Microsoft’s Windows Azure- and Windows Phone-platforms. Neither of these technologies are widely adopted in Finland yet, but international forecasts are positive, and even here the pace is picking up..

However, we are not selling these technologies for their sake, and we will tell you straight if something is not a fit for your organization. We at Kompozure have used Microsoft’s cloud services since the beginning (Office 365 + Azure), and we have been using Windows Phones actively for a year. Our belief in these technologies is founded on the fact that we like to use them.

A different kind of expert company

Now is a good time for an agile, fair and transparent startup to be founded. We differentiate ourselves through our personality and our ‘can do’-attitude. We want to uphold a working environment where it is easy to be passionate about new technologies. We believe, that personal improvement leads to the company’s success. All this also makes sure that we do not offer you impersonable service – from us you get a passionate expert.

Transparency isn’t just talk to us. We offer you our cloud service with which you can track your project’s development in real-time. In addition you get to take part in our in-house project meetings. In effect this means that you hear about our blunders at the same time as us.

We believe that a totally transparent work place leads to a good team spirit internally and externally. In this kind of environment it is also easy to make agile decisions together for the common good of the project.

Contact us, and we will show you the future of software development.