Kompozure will be a Punk/Skrillex-band

Sakari Nahi | 01.04.2013
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Yes! IT-business is no longer giving our artist souls wings! We have passionate musicians, and we want to let our imaginations grow something else than beautiful code only.

Name of the company changes, and our new identity will rise like the Phoenix from ashes. We will be “Merchant of Steel Skunk”.

The band:

  1. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Melodies, Lyrics, Flyers, and Venus: Jarno
  2. Triangle: Sakke
  3. Leadsinger: Nicke
  4. Beatbox: Janne
  5. Technics: Jussi
  6. Manager: Markus

Sami and Teemu are, for some reason, no longer answering to our phone calls. In the email discussion we were thinking the roles of show-dancer/choreographer for them.

Our MySpace-page is almost ready! Rock’n Roll!

And here we want to add a very promising short clip from a Skrillex-event: