Kompozure 2017: Goals

Sakari Nahi | 01.03.2017
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Read also blog posts goals for 2016 and last week’s 2016 analysis and figures.

In general we’ll soldier on with our strict focus on Azure PaaS, but with a couple of added tricks.


We are not well known as an employer outside of the Azure scene.

We want to fix this by raising the awareness of us as an excellent (ye demanding) place to work and to develop yourself. We believe that we have a lot of good traits; now we just need to make them visible to outsiders.

How will attain this goal? In our own way, by planning long-term and also more by “doing” instead of “advertising”:

  • We’ll continue upholding quality requirements and autonomous working methods, since all organic word-of-mouth reputation is priceless.
  • We’ll hold tight to our requirements concerning Azure technologies and project complexity, since new challenges and the joy of learning cannot be replaced by anything else.
  • We’ll continue being demanding during the recruitment, since the work mates are “the thing, x-factor, raison d’etre”.
  • We’ll continue pushing the Finland Azure community. Finland Azure User Group, Global Azure Bootcamp, Iglooconf, Ikkunastudio and other ways for us to bring forth our own, natural way of thinking gives outsiders the capability to evaluate us and our compatibility with them.
  • We’re raising our visibility in different recruitment channels.


Below there are goals that lead to the company developing as an employer and a software development partner. It feels good going for these goals, and in addition we believe that by reaching these goals we’ll also attain the business goals (defined at the bottom of the post).


We want to grow the maturity of Azure PaaS solutions and relevant Best Practices in Finland. This will happen partially through our own technical expertise and experience, but also by us sharing information through Azure community and Microsoft’s channels.


From the beginning our purpose has been to solve demanding challenges by mastering new technologies and opportunities offered by the cloud.

The new opportunities come through such technologies as Augmented Reality solutions via HoloLens capabilities, attaching cognitive and smart features into “regular” apps, and benefiting from Azure’s new products when building distributed, internationally scalable systems.

These scalable systems are related to such products as Azure Service Fabric, containers and different combinations born out of the need to receive, store and analyse data (i.e. IoT).


Our goal is to develop our strategic consulting into an independent, healthy business. We’ll do this through well-defined products and roles. As an end result we’ll get to discover synergies between our different products and to measure and forecast our business in a granular manner.


2017 business goals:

  • We’re looking to grow our revenue by appr. 40%, to 2,5m€.
  • Profit-wise we’re content with 200k€ after taxes, that being the same figure as 2016 profit. This year is our first year in our new office and with our extended offering, meaning that the fixed cost part of our unit costs is now at a relatively high level.
  • In recruitment we’re continuing on our technical path; we’re looking for 8 developer/architects and 1 cloud consultant to work with Karl.


The year’s going to be exciting, and it feels good to get to work.

There are a lot of different goals, and it is quite likely that for some of them it might be difficult to evaluate the level of accomplished after a year. However, it is not really pertinent if we’ve reached 100% or 80% of a goal – the most important thing is that we’re doing something concrete 🙂


If you feel like talking: Sakari Nahi (050 369 7782). [Kompozure crew and contact details]