Kompozure 2016: Goals

Sakari Nahi | 22.03.2016
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During the year 2016 we want to do things better and bigger.


Year 2016 is the beginning of the company’s maturity.

We believe that our basic processes are in order. Our clients are happy, the project horizon isn’t right around the corner, our cost structure is sensible, our marginals are acceptable and we’ve succeeded in recruitment.

Now’s the time to fine tune. We want to be even more proactive in bringing new technologies and opportunities to our customers. In addition we want to provide cloud consulting at a strategic level to our customers.

As a work place we want to let people be autonomous and free of bureaucracy. We’re continuing in cultivating a modern and relaxed atmosphere. We want to understand and appreciate the daily life of a developer/architect.

With recruitment we’re going to continue being strict. We aren’t looking for people who are on the IT field by mistake, we’re looking for conscientous experts, people who appreciate the challenges that we are after as a team and a company.

Naturally as a company we want to be healthy and effective, since only in this way we are able to offer exceptional service.


  • Our turnover goal is 1 600 000 €, meaning appr. 55% growth
  • We want the profit to exceed previous year’s result, meaning anything over 65 000 € after taxes is acceptable
  • To reach these goals we need to recruit at least 6 developers, doubling last year’s 3
  • We want to improve everyone’s compensation noticeably
  • We want to provide expanded services, including strategic level, related to Microsoft Azure
  • We want to start marketing Leanvisio in the USA


Year 2015 was about improving the basics. We still thought about keeping the Azure focus and helping customers with project concepts.

Year 2016 will be a lot more refined. The focus is already part of our DNA, so we’re thinking more about our service portfolio and possible strategic level consulting. Our goals concerning figures are clearly higher as well, that being a clear indication of the maturity of our business model.


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