Kompozure 2015: Analysis and figures

Sakari Nahi | 15.03.2016
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Let us revisit our goals set 1 year ago in a blog post:

  • Continue developing the culture and the company
  • Raise everyone’s salaries
  • 3 more developers
  • 850 000 € turnover
  • Over 12 000 € profit after taxes
  • Upkeeping Azure-focus
  • Cherish older customers
  • Be proactive and take positions in projects
  • Launch Leanvisio marketing in USA

So how’d we do?

8/9 accomplished. We’re content.


We reworded our purpose, with a rougher edge. The content is still the same.

Our new purpose depicts our desire and capability in getting new challenges and developing ourselves as a group. It defines our need to be a close-knit team.

Kompozure's purpose

How’s it make you feel? Read more at kombozone


We develop the culture and the company regularly and in concrete means. Whole company’s monthly kompoday and breakfast events maintain our transparency, and give us concrete improvement ideas through our open figures and retros. We’ve implemented 14 of the ideas received in these events during the year.

We raised everyone’s salaries 5 times during the year. This was made possible by our new, open salary formula, through which we’re ensuring a just and clear salary policy through the whole company. We no longer have those compensation focused personal development meetings, that usually only end well for extroverted sales men.

During the year our team grew by 3 experienced developers, fulfilling our goal:

  • Ilari Mäkimattila
  • Pasi Taive
  • Rami Keski-Honkola

Our turnover grew past the one million watermark, to 1 025 000 € after taxes. 64% growth. The goal of 850 000 € was passed nicely.

Our profit goal of 12 000 € after taxes was attained as well. Our profit was 65 000 € after taxes.

We’re purely focused on Azure PaaS. We’re the best in Finland in that – we do nothing else, and for that reason we already have experience of close to 20 built and deployed demanding solutions.

Cherishing older customers has worked, since we lost no customers during the year of 2015. This enables our organic growth.

Our desire to be a proactive partner has only grown. Through the exceptional combination of Azure expertise and highly experienced professionals we are able to be vocal and proactive in giving our views on planned features and best ways on how to accomplish added value. We noticed that while companies are searching for benefits with “digitalization”, even business-minded consultants need to have other expertise than just business, since technology develops with such a rapid pace that without high level of dedication it is very hard to design and realize realistic scenarios and future directions.

We did not reach our goal regarding Leanvisio. We did get the customer conversion this year, as well as the technical capability for international invoicing, but there’s no real benefit from these without international marketing and distribution.


We are content with the figures – we surpassed our goals for the figures.

Turnover and profit


In a week we’re publishing a blog post about the goals for 2016 – check that out as well! If anything, contact Sakari Nahi (050 369 7782).