It could be worse. A lot worse.

Lauri Peltonen | 07.04.2020
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As the Covid-19 virus is sweeping across the world more and more people are forced to stay indoors. Perhaps going to the supermarket is ok but all other activities are frowned upon. And most organized activities are canceled anyway. That’s not fun. But hey, that’s a good thing!

“Not fun”

If our restrictions are simply “not fun” I think we’re doing very well. Things could be a lot worse than “not fun” – and indeed things are a lot worse for a lot of people.

A big part of Zure’s culture is that everyone is physically present in our own office. Well, we can’t do that now. We also can’t play foosball. We also can’t welcome new employees to our company by shaking hands and introducing ourselves physically. But at Zure we have been talking about how lucky we are that we happened to end up in an industry that is largely not affected by the virus, at least not much and not yet. We can work remotely and are used to meeting online. And what is perhaps most important is that none of use has to be afraid of losing a job due to the virus – that means a lot.


We are trying to compensate the problems of staying home all the time by having various extra activities. We have arranged two unofficial virtual coffee breaks per day which work surprisingly well. We also encourage everyone to activate their webcams in meetings so we have some visual connection to our colleagues.

coffee meeting
Sometimes our coffee meetings get a bit…zealous

Life and working life

According to some internet experts, it’s important to have some sort of logical or physical separation between work and free time. I personally have a little corner at home which is dedicated to working so for me the separation is about sitting in the “office” chair and by the “office” table. For someone else, it’s about putting on “work sweat pants”… Or about not having pants at all. Whatever works for you.

Health-wise I don’t think anyone at Zure has been affected by the virus. All of us and our families are healthy and doing ok. So I simply try to stay quiet and not complain about things not being “fun”. Actually I really don’t have anything to complain about. This will pass.