Introducing Toni Könnilä

Monica Vikman | 15.11.2013
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Toni Könnilä

Toni Könnilä

Toni is at the final stretch of his Computer Science studies. He joined Kompozure in May 2013 and works as a Developer.

Tell us shortly about yourself

I am about to finish my bachelor studies in computer science at the University of Helsinki. The path to this day has been very straightforward: after high school and the army I started to study.

What have you studied?

After high school, I started at the university, where I now have been studying for a few years. I also considered studying at TKK, but as my motivation for physics was not that high, I thought the University of Helsinki would be a better place. And after all, that’s the university where I got in to.

Why are you interested in IT/coding?

Since I was a kid I have been interested in all kinds of games and game consoles and like many others I dreamt of creating my own game. When spending time on the Internet, I wanted to try to create my own webpage, and I guess the enthusiasm for IT started from there. As time went by I learned to ask myself the question: “Why and how is this working?”. My inner engineer likes to build with blocks. Everyone likes to play with lego, right?

As a matter of fact I have always liked that the industry changes all the time, even though the principals roughly remain the same. You learn new things all the time and understand why things are done in a particular way. Or why one solution is worse than another. Architectures and different solutions are things that I am interested in.

What are currently the most interesting things in the IT industry?

At the moment it’s interesting to follow Microsoft and what they are up to. And now that exciting things are happening in the mobile sector, I wait for what the near future holds. What will happen with the Jolla Sailfish? Can Jolla make a phone and is there more than just a nice cover? Is it even a good-looking cover? I would like a good-looking cover. Is the sun still shining on Nokia? Will Surface fail? Should metro only be a mode of transport? Who knows? At least I would like to have a nice cover.


I am a somewhat passionate Disc-golfer during the summer. At my best I do 2-3 rounds per week. During the winter I mainly focus on going to the gym and laying on the sofa. The winter is a miserable time.

Why did you apply for a job at Kompozure?

I knew two nice dudes, who integrated themselves in the wonderful world of Kompozure (Nicke and Janne; cheers). So I sent my resume to Kompozure, since Azure seemed very new and fascinating. And I am also kind of a Microsoft fan. The company made a mistake and hired me. So far, I haven’t regretted it.

What’s the best in Kompozure?

In Kompozure I am fascinated by my great co-workers and the eccentric humor, which usually lights up even the greyest autumn day. The work is done with a twinkle in the eye and sometimes you can play some foosball. The most important thing is that the work is done properly and that the customer gets the quality they expect to get. I wish there was a flipper table.

From a student point of view, I’ve appreciated my co-workers most. They don’t overlook me, but instead they keep on giving me advice and tips. Sometimes, by accident, I even find myself feeling liked. I feel that this is the kind of environment where I want to develop myself into a software professional. I am only afraid of soon not being able to laugh at normal peoples jokes.